Make California Carbon Negative by 2046

Wildfires to Wildflowers is a campaign to restore California lands to bring Climate Stability. In September of 2018 at the Global Climate Action Summit, Governor Jerry Brown announced the signing of Executive Order B-55-18 mandating California to become carbon negative by 2046. This means that we would be sequestering more carbon than we emit. A carbon negative goal is exactly what we need, but its unclear how we will get there. Habitat restoration that focuses on carbon sequestration and soil storage will not only bring this global warming greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere, but will also carry a plethora of cascading benefits; from increased food security by preventing bee colony collapse disorder, to a slowing of the 6th great extinction; from job creation in alignment with the Green New Deal, to increased access to nature.

The earth has been sequestering carbon since plants came on the scene roughly 1.8 billion years ago. We have to re-invigorate the biological systems, wherein plants breath in CO2 and exhale the oxygen that we breath, in order to bring the global carbon cycle back into alignment. We are calling for massive investment in community based ecological restoration as the means to implement Jerry Brown’s carbon negative executive order.

California has met and surpassed our carbon reduction milestones ahead of schedule, while growing the economy at the same time. The world is watching California and we can set an example.

To see these concepts illustrated in the real world, join our next hike!

For more in-depth analysis and explanation read “From Wildfires to Wildflowers: restoring California Lands for Climate Stability” by Ildiko Polony.