From grasslands to forests and marshes, learn how we can restore California to regain climate stability.

California Phoenix Rising

Fires to Flowers at Shiloh Ranch

Sunday, August 25th 2019 9:30am - 12:30pm

Shiloh Ranch burned in the Tubbs fire that destroyed large swaths of Santa Rosa in 2017. Wildfires across the west are becoming more frequent and more severe due to climate change. On this hike we will discuss the increase in fire over the past decade, the multiple and conflating causes of this, the “natural” fire regime of California, and how low intensity prescribed burning can actually save us from catastrophic fire in the long run. We will learn the role fire has played on the California landscape and how it is an important tool in restoring our precious lands. As on all Wildfires to Wildflowers hikes, we will also become intimately acquainted with the local flora we find along the trail, we will learn some of these plants ethnobotanical uses and their role in the ecosystem and we will also discuss the Wildfires to Wildflowers movement and its context in the greater political and cultural scene. You will learn what you can do to help realize the vision of community based, indigenous guided, large scale habitat restoration across California that connects us to the land, to ourselves and to each other. 

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Topics covered in Wildfires to Wildflowers hikes vary, but include:

  • Plant identification and ethnobotanical uses

  • The habitat restoration cycle from seed to site

  • How restoring habitat sequesters carbon

  • The Wildfires to Wildflowers movement in the larger cultural and political context

Limited to 20 hikers

Free - though donations gladly accepted and will be requested at end of hike.

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