Put your money where your heart is

Wildfires to Wildflowers restores California lands to bring Climate Stability. Global warming is no longer a problem of future generations. It is here now. In order to prevent run-away climate change, we must reduce emissions while re-invigorating the biological systems, wherein plants breath in CO2 and exhale the oxygen that we breath, bringing the global carbon cycle back into balance. Community based ecological restoration restores the carbon cycle and brings us closer to climate stability while connecting us to nature and to each other. We must turn Governor Brown’s executive order into massive investment in ecological restoration.

Your money will go towards:

  • Building a team of restoration scientists, private landowners, policy wonks, policy makers, social media and SEO experts, and publicists.

  • Publicizing the campaign.

  • Working with policy makers to write and propose legislation that will execute the governor’s executive order through habitat restoration.

By investing your dollars, you are joining a movement of solutions. We must stop the outdated, destructive practices, while at the same time restoring the damage we have done. By putting your money where your heart is, you are saying No to an old, destructive paradigm, while saying Yes to a vision of the future that slows the 6th great extinction, protects our food supply by providing habitat for pollinators and joins the movement for the Green New Deal.

Thank You!

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